Special Report
Hong Kong: Ediscovery for a diverse economy

January 2020


Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international finance centres and the Asia-Pacific headquarters of many global corporations.


As a result, it is a region of particular interest for dispute resolution. In fact, its position at the heart of Asia-Pacific’s economy and as the connection point for commercial activity between the East and the West made it one of the first cross-border dispute resolution hubs.


International trade has many well-known benefits that need no real introduction—from increased profits to higher levels of foreign direct investment to fostering a global reputation for reliability—but it also invites the possibility of complex legal battles involving claimants from all over the world.


Hong Kong’s unique role in the global economy means that from the early days of cross-border litigation, it’s been home to world-leading expertise and innovation.


Widespread adoption and effective use of eDiscovery technology has become an increasingly important part of establishing and maintaining a reputation as a cross-border dispute resolution hub. The global eDiscovery market could be worth as much as US$11.6 billion by next year, with Asia-Pacific a key driver of that growth.


As the volume of international trade continues to grow and higher amounts of information are being stored digitally, eDiscovery can be a game-changer for legal teams in Hong Kong.


But is the special administrative region doing enough to drive eDiscovery adoption and equip its legal sector with the right tools for dispute resolution in the modern commercial world?


Conventus Law surveyed 181 legal professionals working in private practices, in-house legal teams, government or public services, alternative legal services in Hong Kong to find out more about their use of eDiscovery technology.


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