Webinar | Marketing To Japanese Investors From Abroad – The Foreign Securities Firm Exemption.

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26 January 2021

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Koji Yamamoto

Koji Yamamoto


Yoshiyuki Omori


Yoshiyuki Omori


10.00AM – 11.00AM (JST)


With strict travel restrictions being imposed across the globe due to Covid-19, many of the traditional methods used by offshore fund managers to raise capital from Japanese investors are no longer feasible. As the current restrictions preventing foreign personnel from entering Japan may continue for the foreseeable future, offshore fund managers are now seeking alternative means by which they can still lawfully market their fund products to Japanese investors.

Historically, the marketing of securities to Japanese investors, whether from abroad or within Japan, has been a highly regulated activity requiring the marketing entity to be registered as a financial dealer. In 2020, the Foreign Securities Firm Exemption has emerged as an increasingly popular and viable regime for offshore fund managers to lawfully market their various fund products in Japan.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview on the Foreign Securities Firm Exemption and specifically cover the following topics:

1. What is the scope of permissible activities under the Foreign Securities Firm Exemption?

2. What types of foreign financial institutions may rely on this exemption?

3. What is the scope of the Japanese investors that may be marketed in reliance on this exemption?

4. How is the Foreign Securities Firm Exemption being used in practice?

Through this webinar, we hope to provide a comprehensive summary on this exemption and discuss whether this exemption may be an option for our clients.

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