Update: Deadline Extended For Mandatory Re-Registration Of Existing Cambodian Subsidiaries.

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1 May, 2016


In our previous update, the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia issued several Prakas  (regulations) requiring all Cambodian companies that were established with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) before January 4, 2016, to re-register using a new online portal for business registration and re-registration. The online portal uses modern technology and provides more transparent procedures.


The MOC allowed businesses to re-register their companies without incurring government fees if they re-registered before March 31. On March 31, however, the MOC issued Notification No. 1187 stipulating that all companies, enterprises, branches, representative offices, subsidiaries, or offices can re-register their company using the online portal without incurring government fees until June 30, 2016, extending the deadline.


The extension was granted because the previous deadline did not provide enough time for companies to re-register using the online portal. In addition, the MOC did not want company owners to lose their legal rights and obligations under Cambodian Law.


This is a new one-off obligation for companies that are already established in Cambodia, and it should be met as soon as possible.

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