The Inaugural Inter-Firm Drinks

22 February, 2016


Friday 19 February 2016 saw more than 200 lawyers and pupils attend the inaugural Inter-Firm Drinks at The Rabbit Hole at Changkat Bukit Bintang. The attendees met up with old friends and made new ones at this event organised by a group of small law firms. This was an event open to all lawyers and pupils. I hope that this will be an annual tradition moving ahead. Helps bring people closer together and meet other fellow members of the Bar.


Some of the attendees from Skrine



The Inter-Firm Drinks were hosted and sponsored by Chee Hoe & Associates, Burgielaw, Daniel & Wong, CK Hau & Co and Yeoh & Joanne. BurgieLaw in particular assisted in the setting up of the venue and with the registration of all the guests. Do check out Burgielaw, a law portal that helps match potential clients with the right lawyer for their needs.


BurgieLaw greeting us at the Inter-Firm Drinks


In explaining the idea behind the Inter-Firm Drinks, Chee Hoe of Chee Hoe & Associates and BurgieLaw said: “A few of us had met up over dinner. We then came up with the idea to organise an annual drinks event. This event would help to bring members of the Bar closer together, especially the younger members of the Bar.”


Chee Hoe (left) with Richard Wee, Dinesh, Vince, Karyn and Ann Quah


The younger members of the Bar were definitely out in full force, with many young lawyers and pupils at the event. It was a good mix of lawyers from the litigation and corporate fields. My fellow The Malaysian Lawyer lamented though that the litigators far outnumbered the corporate lawyers.


Corporate lawyers represent


More from the corporate bar. Past and present members of PLVG.


Dee Wei of CK Hau & Co echoed Chee Hoe’s views on the staging of the Inter-Firm Drinks. “We felt that it would be a great idea that several firms pooled resources and jointly organise a yearly event that would be open to all lawyers and pupils. An event where everyone could mingle and have a great time. As such, invitations were open to everyone.” While the organisers initially expected only 50 or so people to attend this inaugural event, he added, “We were pleasantly surprised when the numbers far exceeded our expectations.”


Some of the partners from the host law firms. Daniel of Daniel & Wong (far left) and Alex and Dee Wei of CK Hau & Co (both on the right)


The representatives from the host firms up on stage


With free-flow food and lots of lively conversation, the hours just flew by. The event started at 7.30pm and I hear that the last few people only left after 3am.


Word is that there are already firms who are keen to host the drinks next year and to keep this new tradition alive. I am sure that the turnout will be even larger next year.


I leave you with more photos from the event. Thank you to the host firms for throwing a great party!


The packed scene at The Rabbit Hole.

Some of the younger members of the Bar

With the dynamic team from Donovan & Ho. Recently named one of the firms to watch in 2016 by Asian Legal Business.

The Malaysian Lawyers and with each of their former pupils, Vi Cher and Carmen.

The Malaysian Lawyer, Marcus (left)

Donovan of Donovan & Ho

Eddie Law of eLawyer fame.

Members from the litigation bar.

We also had some of the in-house lawyers joining in the drinks.