The Importance Of Content Marketing For Law Firms: An Interview With John Grimley, Editor & Publisher, Asia Law Portal

21 March, 2016


Conventus Law: What is Asia Law Portal and why was it founded?

John Grimley: Asia Law Portal is a blog and branded social media channels focused on the business of law in the Asia-Pacific legal markets.  Asia Law Portal covers news and information about legal startups, NewLaw firms, challenges and opportunities for traditional law firms, and social media and business development for law firms. Asia Law Portal also provides insights about what legal entrepreneurs are doing in the Asia-Pacific region’s legal markets via custom question and answer (Q&A) interviews.  I was inspired to found Asia Law Portal in April, 2013 while attending the Inter-Pacific Bar Association’s (IPBA) 23rd Annual Conference in Seoul, South Korea.  While at the conference, I attended the Managing Partner’s Forum where London-based legal services sector management consultant Alan Hodgart predicted the Asia Pacific legal markets would double in size between 2013 and 2017.  The blog then provided the inspiration for my book: A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets, published by London-based Ark Group in 2014.  In research I conducted for the book, George Beaton of Australia’s Beaton Capital agreed that the Asia-Pacific legal markets would double in size, but not until approximately 2022.


CL: What inspired you to be a writer?

JG: My first job after graduating from law school was in The White House in Washington, DC where I served as a writer to then US President George HW Bush.  I later went on to write for former British Foreign Secretary and EU Negotiator for the Former Yugoslavia David Owen – and subsequently for international professional services firms including Patton Boggs LLP, EU and US public affairs consultancies, elite boutique law firms in the US, Asia and Europe, NewLaw firms, legal recruiters, private equity and investment banking firms.  I’ve also been published in major news publications including the Wall Street Journal Europe, The Lawyer Magazine and others. Since I began my professional career over 25 years ago, the provision of sophisticated written content to my employers and clients has always been an integral part of my work.

CL: Why is content marketing important for law firms?

JG: Studies have found that corporate C-suite executives, general counsels and other audiences law firms are most seeking to attract – are increasingly looking for legal and business information online.  Law firms choosing sophisticated online communication, therefore, are more successful in securing new clients.  Therefore, it’s not only important for law firms to adopt a sophisticated online presence – but to also do so in a strategic fashion – which requires effective, strategy, research, writing and social media engagement to ensure effective exposure.

CL: How do you help law firms with content marketing?
JG: I combine my experience as a professional writer and digital publisher with my experience as an international business developer within elite law firms – to help firms produce content custom-designed for key audiences.  I also help law firms effectively adopt the digital publishing efforts required to most effectively engage these audiences online.  In a nutshell, I serve as a writer, editor and digital publisher for law firms seeking the best means by which to attract new business online.

CL: Where can law firms find you online?
JG: In addition to editing and publishing Asia Law Portal I also blog at jgdigital blog and my Linkedin profile is located here.  



Firms can also contact John Grimley via email at: [email protected] and Skype at: JohnGrimley and via telephone at: +1 (213) 814-2855.