The First Overseas Legal Counsel Webinar On Eurasia Trade And Investment Policy And Legal Risk.

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17 July 2020

On July 15, 2020, CCPIT Legal Affairs Department held the Online First Overseas Legal Counsel Seminar on Eurasia Trade and Investment Policy and Legal Risks in order to help enterprises enhance the awareness of risks as well as overseas trade and investment planning and management capabilities, bring CCPIT’s role as bridge and linkage to the promotion of trade and investment activities into full play. 


The main theme of the conference was devoted to the discussion of policy developments and highlights regarding investment by Chinese entrepreneurs in the regions of Europe and Asia, as well as trade and economic trends. Much attention will be paid to the provision of information by foreign specialists. The keynote speaker provided general information on the highlights of the regions of Europe and Asia, and then foreign experts provided a detailed report and put forward their proposals on the actual situation in that region together with an expert from the region.


Take a look at Kazakhstan - China Trade Relations presentation prepared by Unicase experts, in particular, you will find analysis of trade structures, issues, and main priorities and ways to improve the trade structure between two neighbor countries.

Download the documents here.



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