Taiwan - The MOL Expands The Scope Of The Employers that may be qualified to recruit foreign employees pursuant to the Employment Service Act To Include Those In The 5+2 Industries.

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16 October, 2018


The MOL, by a letter dated July 24, 2018, expends the scope of the qualified employers set forth in Item 5 of Article 36 of the “Qualifications and Standards for Foreigners Undertaking the Works Specified in Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act”¸ which pertains to the employers who are “specifically identified by the central competent authority after consulting with the industry competent authority at the central government level by virtue of a special circumstance”, to include, in addition to startup businesses, “Asian Silicon Valley, biomedical industry, green energy technology, smart machinery, national defense, new agriculture or circular economy, namely, those collectively known as the 5+2 Industries.”



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