Taiwan - The MOEA Announced That The Government Would Continue To Proceed On Its Current Energy Transformation Policy After Evaluation Of The Energy Referendum.

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5 April, 2019


The MOEA announced the result of evaluation of the energy referendum on January 31, 2019.  The government deemed the extenaion or re-starting of the nuclear plants difficult, and would continue to proceed on its current energy transformation policy.  


The official announcement by the MOEA regarding the 3 energy referenda passed at the end of 2018 indicates:


(1) currently the MOEA does not have any plan to increase or expand coal fired power facilities.


(2) the MOEA has announced that Paragragh 1 of the Article 95 repealed as of December 2, 2018;


(3) reducing coal fired power generation by 1% annual for the years of 2019 and 2020 should be achievable but would be diffifult beginning the year of 2021.  


The MOEA also indicated that the extension or re-starting of the nuclear power plants would be difficult because that the objective factors were unfavorable, the public opinion were unsupportive; and therefore the government would continue to procced on its current energy transformation policy.



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