Procedure For Incorporating A Company In Sri Lanka.

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12 June, 2017


Procedure For Incorporating A Company In Sri Lanka.


1) 拟议名字的批准-公司拟议的名字必须填写名字搜索表格并经企业监管局(ROC)的批准 (Approval of the Proposed Name – The proposed name of the company must be approved by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) by filing a name search form.)


在法律的适用范围内,没有有关部长的批准,一些如“斯里兰卡”“州”“国家”“社会”“联营”“市政”“股份有限的”“总统”和“总统有关”的词汇不能用于公司的拟议名字 (In terms of the applicable law, the words “Sri Lanka”, “State”, “National”, “Society” “Co-operative”, “Municipal”, “Incorporated”, “President” and “Presidential” cannot be used in the proposed name without the approval of the relevant Minister.)


公司有批准拟议名字的权力。一般来说,拟议名字审批流程需要3个工作日(The Registrar-General of Companies has the sole discretion to approve the proposed name .Generally, the name approval process takes 3 working days.)


批准后的名字有效期为3个月,公司注册程序必须在3个月内完成(Once the name is approved the approval will be valid for a period of 3 months. The incorporation procedure must be completed within the 3 month period.)


2) 条款和表格-名字获得批准后,表格1(注册公司信息申请表),表格18(公司董事同意证明书),和表格19(秘书同意证明书)及公司章程的副本和注册费用一起交给企业监管局(Articles and Forms – After obtaining the name approval, Form 1 (Registration of a Company), Form 18 (Consent and Certificate of Director), and Form 19 (Consent and Certificate of Secretary) together with one copy of Articles of Association should be prepared and submitted to the ROC together with the registration fee.)


3) 公司成立后,在30个工作日内需公布公司指定名称,提交公司号码和注册地址 (Once the company is incorporated, public notice of its incorporation specifying the name, company number and the registered address of the company should be given within 30 working days of its incorporation.)


除非公司从事零售行业,否则没有最低投资要求。然而,投资必须在斯里兰卡的授权商业银行以外国投资人的名义开一个账户并通过证券投资账户(SIA)汇出 (There is no minimum investment required unless the company is engaged in the business of retails trade. The investment must be remitted via a Securities Investment Account (SIA) opened with a licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka in the name of the foreign investor.)


公司的盈利可以通过证券投资账户(SIA)汇回,没有任何限制或需要外汇管理部门的批准 (The profit earned by the company can be repatriated to the country of origin via the SIA without any restriction or approval from Exchange Control Department.)


公司已宣告股利10%的预扣税款 (The dividends declared by the company is subject to 10% of withholding taxes.)


公司的成立需要以下信息和文件 (The following information and documents are required in order to incorporate a company.)


1) 公司的拟议名字 (Name of the proposed local company.)


2) 董事成员的全名,居住地址,职业和护照号码及护照复印副本 (The full name, address, occupation and Passport No. of the proposed directors together with copies of their passports.)


3) 公司股东的全名,地址和护照/身份证号码及护照或注册证书复印副本(若提议股东是公司法人)(The full name, address and passport/ National Identity Card No. of the proposed shareholder(s) of the company together with copies of passports or registration certificates (if the proposed shareholder is a corporate entity))


4) 公司业务简要描述 (Brief description of the proposed business of the local company)


5) 公司的注册地址 (Intended registered address of the local company)


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