Pharmaceutical IP And Competition Law In Cambodia

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18 September, 2019


The 2019 edition of Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law Life Sciences Global Guide  has been released, with its Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Cambodia chapter written by practitioners from Tilleke & Gibbins’ Phnom Penh office.


The guide is a Q&A-style overview of the regulatory frameworks for the life sciences industries across jurisdictions worldwide. This chapter on pharmaceutical IP and competition law in Cambodia addresses the following issues in the country’s legal landscape for life sciences:


  • Pharmaceutical patent legislation and scope of protection
  • Patent application process, duration of protection, and revocation
  • Patent infringement, claims, and remedies
  • Non-patent barriers to competition for pharmaceutical protection
  • Pharmaceutical trademark legislation and scope of protection
  • Trademark application process, duration of protection, and revocation
  • Trademark infringement, claims, and remedies
  • Regulatory powers and enforcement against pharmaceutical counterfeiting
  • Competition law framework and implications for the pharmaceutical sector
  • Competition issues related to licensing of pharmaceutical technology and patents, and market entry of generic products
  • Market dominance issues in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Parallel imports
  • Foreign patent and trademark licenses, and payment of royalties


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To read the full Pharmaceutical IP and Competition Law in Cambodia section, please visit the Practical Law website or download the full pdf below.



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