New Research By Deacons, The Employment Law Alliance And Corrs Westgarth Chambers Reveals Disruptive Effects Of New Technologies On Businesses Across Asia.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Labour & Employment

2 November, 2017


According to the findings of this unique research project examining “the future of work” in the Asia-Pacific, the cumulative impact of automation, machine learning, AI and gig economy will be felt by businesses and employers of all nations throughout the region.


The research unveils a number of startling findings but the most revealing is that the disruptive effects of new technologies and the changing approaches to work will impact not only Hong Kong and China, but every country in the Asia Pacific – from Australia and New Zealand, through to Sri Lanka and Thailand.


In Hong Kong, Fintech is on the rise and it is bringing new opportunities to the banking and finance sector in particular. Other core findings include that Hong Kong manufacturing firms are continuing to invest in China, undeterred by rising wages and increasingly pro-worker labour regulations, and that there is growing debate on how employment laws should regard the proliferation in gig economy companies. 


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