MoFo Japan Disputes Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2021.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Japan - Dispute Resolution

23 July 2021


Welcome to Morrison & Foerster’s quarterly newsletter on dispute resolution. In this newsletter, we address recent developments in arbitrations, investigations, and commercial and intellectual property litigation that may affect Japanese companies. In this issue we cover:

  • Supreme Court Revisits Boundaries of Specific Personal Jurisdiction

  • How a Robust Compliance Program Can Save Your Company

  • The Defend Trade Secrets Act: Five Years Later

  • The Impact of Expanding Privacy Legislation on International Arbitration Proceedings

  • Partner Highlight: Eliot A. Adelson     

  • Antitrust Compliance Policies & Training

  • Update on Judge Albright’s Handling of Transfer Motions

  • Obtaining and Enforcing a Default Arbitration Award

  • Non-Compete Agreements 

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  • 最高裁判所が特別人的管轄権の範囲を再考

  • 強固なコンプライアンスプログラムの必要性

  • トレードシークレット保護法:施行から5年経って

  • プライバシー法令の拡大が国際仲裁手続に与える影響      

  • Partner Highlight: Eliot A. Adelson     

  • 反トラスト法(独禁法)のコンプライアンスに関するポリシー及び研修     

  • Albright判事の移送申立てへの対応に関する最新情報     

  • 欠席の仲裁判断の獲得と執行     

  • 競業避止契約      



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