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Meritas’ global alliance of independent, market-leading law firms provides borderless legal services to companies looking to effectively capture opportunities and solve issues anywhere in the world. Companies benefit from local knowledge, collective strength and new efficiencies when they work with Meritas law firms. The personal attention and care they experience is part of Meritas’ industry-first commitment to the utmost in quality of service and putting client priorities above all else.


Founded in 1990, Meritas has member firms in 259 markets worldwide with more than 7,500 dedicated, collaborative lawyers. Meritas is the largest legal network, with the greatest number of jurisdictions represented by member firms, including eight jurisdictions in Asia.


Meritas is truly a carefully curated collection of law firms that are established leaders within their own respective domestic markets. They are smart, fiercely independent mid-sized law firms providing high-quality services and results to their clients, with strong reputations in their geographies and industries of focus.  Because they operate unencumbered by the rules and structure of large law firms or vereins, they provide clients much more flexibility and customization in work arrangements.


Membership in the Meritas network is extended by invitation only to law firms that meet quality standards and share a culture of collaboration and prioritizing client needs.


Meritas is the Only Legal Network with Formal Quality Standards 


Meritas is known for its unique, disciplined and analytical approach to quality control that assures clients receive prequalified legal expertise and exceptional client service, every time they work with a Meritas member law firm. Through its Quality Assurance Program, Meritas gathers quantitative feedback on firm performance and value delivered for each matter handled. Feedback is provided by both the lawyer who referred the work to another member and the client that was served.


The feedback determines each firm’s Meritas Satisfaction Index score. The Satisfaction Index score is prominently displayed as part of each firm’s profile on the Meritas website, which gives clients confidence when choosing to work with a Meritas firm.


Every three years, each member is re-examined by the Meritas quality assurance committee. This ensures all firms continue to meet its high standards for quality, practice capabilities, client satisfaction, cybersecurity and comply with all membership criteria.


Cybersecurity is the latest quality standard to be added to the Meritas quality program. All member firms must undergo a rigorous assessment and adherence to data and information privacy of client information. Meritas recently added 10 cybersecurity standards for members to meet or exceed, including assurance that they have information security, risk assessments, technical and physical safeguards, employee training, third-party risk management and business continuity plans in place, along with a breach response process.


The discipline of peer and client reviews in monitoring firm performance has been a core part of the Meritas culture for 30 years. This makes Meritas unique among legal networks.


The Meritas Culture and How it Benefits Clients


Meritas firms form professional relationships with a personal touch with clients and each other.


Meritas lawyers are a fit for company leaders and business owners who want to work with trusted advisors.


Within the network, all member firms have equal standing as both service providers and clients to each other. They work together based on trust, quality of service and personal relationships built over time. There’s a culture within the organization of firms wanting to do right for each other. They have chosen to come together because their business goals and philosophies align.


The trust that is deeply inherent within the network is initially created by Meritas’ rigorous approach to quality assurance. Exhaustive due diligence is put into selecting the right firms for the network.


Trust is further enhanced through the efforts that members make in connecting with each other on a regular basis by attending a wide variety of conferences, events, meetings and social activities. Members use this time to deepen their relationships and share insights into the practice of law, which facilitates the natural referral of work that helps clients meet their global legal needs.


It is the combination of true independence coupled with trust and strong relationships that ensure a Meritas firm’s readiness to effectively work closely with each other and provide clients with high-quality legal services within and across multiple global locations.  


The Meritas Client Experience


The strong Meritas culture of trust and peace of mind that comes from knowing other member firms meet the same standards for quality. Members have confidence that their clients will be treated equally well and effectively by their colleagues.


Together, Meritas and its member firms continue to evolve the legal services model, by listening closely and adapting to client needs. Its firms band together to be agile and responsive to provide exceptional value to clients.


Meritas attorneys constantly share their collective knowledge on global issues and opportunities with clients and the legal industry as a whole, which provides even greater client value. Examples of this knowledge sharing is found regularly on the Meritas website, including current information on COVID-19,  cybersecurity and guides to business and expansion in global markets.


To locate a Meritas law firm for a specific need or in a certain market, visit or call +1 612-339-8680.


Below is a list of Meritas’s law firm contacts located in Asia at your service:


Country Firm Name Email
China (Beijing) Broad & Bright Liu Hongchuan [email protected]
China (Shanghai) HHP Attorneys-at-law Yao Rao [email protected]
Hong Kong Gallant Philip Wong [email protected]
India Khaitan & Co Chakrapani Misra [email protected]
Indonesia HHR Lawyers Nini Halim [email protected]
Japan Kojima Law Offices Hiromasa Ogawa [email protected]
Malaysia Zul Rafique & Partners Khairuzzaman Muhammad [email protected]
Philippines ACCRALAW Emerico De Guzman [email protected]
Singapore Joyce A. Tan & Partners Joyce Tan [email protected]
South Korea Rhi & Partners Jihn Rhi [email protected]
Sri Lanka Neelakandan & Neelakandan Saravanan Neelakandan [email protected]
Vietnam Russin & Vecchi Nhut Nguyen [email protected]