Legal Start-up Crowd & Co Attracts Heavyweight Support As It Sets Its Sights Global

27 July, 2016


Australian-based Crowd & Co is delighted to announce that Dr Stephen Moss and Peter Bergin of Eaton Capital Partners have joined the Board of Directors of the online marketplace.

Stephen has joined Crowd & Co as Director and Chairman of the Board, while Peter has joined as Director and CFO. Jarred Hardman is the founder and Managing Director of Crowd & Co.

“It’s great to be involved in this young and energetic company,” said Stephen. “Crowd & Co is truly thinking out of the box in enabling new patterns of working across the legal profession through an innovative on-line platform.

“We are impressed with the vision and energy with which Jarred has built the Crowd & Co marketplace. With high aspirations and a disciplined, growing team, we are confident that Crowd & Co will be a force to be reckoned with as disruption in the legal industry shows no sign of abating and collaborative innovation will be key.”

Jarred Hardman commented, “We are very pleased about the experience that Eaton Capital Partners brings to Crowd & Co and the opportunities that this presents. Stephen Moss and Peter Bergin provide the strategic support that Crowd & Co needs to take us to the next stage of our development.”

The formalisation of Crowd & Co’s new Board of Directors comes during a time of accelerated growth for the young company. Recently, Crowd & Co appointed Elizabeth Gray, as Chief Operating Officer. Elizabeth is a highly regarded communications specialist and was a former Asia-Pacific Regional Director with international law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Last month, Crowd & Co announced a partnership with global legal provider Exigent to provide LPO services to its members. This year alone Crowd & Co has achieved a four-fold growth in access to lawyers who want to work flexibly through the online marketplace, and its clients include a number of leading Australian law firms and corporates.
“We are continuing to expand our online marketplace platform, deliver new features to our members and build our collaboration across industry and educational bodies. At Crowd & Co, we strongly believe that harnessing the new technologies will ensure a strong, efficient and competitive legal industry and we want the benefits of innovation to be available to all of our members,” Jarred added.

Crowd & Co will launch in the United Kingdom in July. After sounding out the United Kingdom legal market for a number of years, it became clear that there is a real demand for an independent online marketplace. This realisation has since been supported with a number of London-based global law firms and corporates expressing keen interest in Crowd & Co’s unique independent, online marketplace offering.

Crowd & Co has set its sights high to become the leading online, global marketplace for the legal industry and with the support of Australian and UK lawyers, law firms and corporates, it is well placed to achieve its vision.

Eaton Capital Partners will also provide corporate and financial advisory services to Crowd & Co.