June 2019 International Trade Compliance Update.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - International Trade

26 June, 2019


Due to the editor’s vacation schedule, there will be no separate July issue. However, this issue will cover activities through approximately June 14. As a result, this issue has more pages than our regular issues. The next issue will cover activities in late June and July, but will cover fewer countries.


As you may have noticed, recent regular issues of the monthly International Trade Compliance Update have grown in size, to the extent that the contents are becoming unwieldy.


Beginning with this issue, we will be eliminating some of the material that has appeared in the past, including general material that does not directly relate to international trade, and we will be experimenting with how the contents are organized.


Your comments and suggestions in this regard, especially with respect to what should be retained or eliminated, are welcomed and should be addressed to the editor. Please use “ITCU Comments” as the subject line.


Some examples of what materials are being eliminated are listed on page 144 of the update. 


Welcome to the June 2019 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.


This issue's highlights:


  • WTO: trade policy reviews, Appellate Body discussions, disputes
  • WCO: Revised Kyoto Convention accessions, news
  • African Continental Free Trade Agreement
  • CITES: notifications
  • GAIN Reports: Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS), Exporter Guides, China tariff exclusion process explained, import licenses
  • China: Product exclusion process, increased tariff on certain US goods 
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notifications, circulars and instructions
  • Japan: Dairy TRQs announced
  • Thailand: Draft regulation on cannabis imports/exports, protection of domestic industries, trade controls on WMD related items
  • Vietnam: Restrictions on imports of used equipment


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