Indonesian Legal Year In Review - 2015

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Indonesia

17 May, 2016


The guide has been prepared by SSEK lawyers to provide a snapshot overview of what has occurred in the Indonesian legal sector during 2015. If there were significant laws and regulations adopted in 2014 or at the beginning of 2016 before this volume went to press, we added appropriate commentary.


These articles are intended to provide insight into Indonesian legal and regulatory developments in specified sectors during the year 2015 and are intended, when taken together, to provide tone and content to Indonesian legal developments. There are, of course, many matters that cannot be addressed in such a presentation. Also, these articles are summaries and are not intended to be exhaustive of their topics or to be a substitute for legal advice in specific situations. Legal advice is always fact specific and the reader should always consult counsel for specific problems.


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