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Due Diligence Services


Investigative Due Diligence Services

In a global business environment, the need to know your partner is more vital than ever. Investigative Due Diligence (IVDD) is a must in any major transaction. Essentially it identifies “off-balance sheet risk” or other business risks that are not visible or obvious from financial or legal reviews. 

IVDD focuses on key people and the entities involved in a given transaction or joint venture, their background, reputation, track record and litigation history.

Whether your potential business partner is a listed company, private firm, government entity or entrepreneur, inquiries need to be conducted to gain a deeper insight into possible risks. Our clients require a level of comfort to support strategic decisions. Issues such as the target’s reputation, history, business ethics, and individual officers’ integrity, business acumen and their real influence in their local environments can be key to a successful deal. Identifying potential issues from the past, criminal issues, indebtedness, and regulatory or environmental breaches is crucial. Equally important are any bribery-related considerations or potential money laundering exposure. Negative information acquired through the IVDD process need not be a deal killer. Such information often offers opportunities for deals to be negotiated on better terms and structured to mitigate the identified risks. IVDD in particularly cost effective when undertaken in the early stages of a project, as it can identify issues before a commitment to invest considerable financial expenditure and management resources is made.


IPO Investigative Due Diligence Services

As market regulators move towards more disclosure-based regimes, one of the biggest risks to a successful public listing is the lack of full disclosure because of the availability of reliable information – this is especially true in emerging markets. 

The collection of reliable information about an issuer for the offering document can be particularly difficult for financial and other advisors who have not conducted a full investigative due diligence.

While investigative due diligence is an important part of any significant transaction, the key objectives of a pre-IPO investigative due diligence are: 

•    To ensure that offering documents contain all material information about the issuer and its financial condition, and that no important information is omitted
•    To provide a more comprehensive understanding of the listing candidate and to identify risks at the earliest possible opportunity

M&A/Due Diligence

FTI Consulting’s M&A professionals include highly experienced and respected consultants on both the buy and sell sides. We provide an end-to-end, risk-based solution that combines strong operational expertise, financial analysis and compliance to deliver seamless, full-spectrum due diligence.


FTI Consulting - Due Diligence Services