FTI Consulting - Cybersecurity Services

Information Security Consulting

In order to improve the understanding of existing security controls and practices or to assess the potential security improvements required we are able to provide a range of information and technology security consulting services including:


•    Confidential or sensitive information management reviews or assessments
•    Information system security assessments
•    Technology environment security assessments
•    Physical environment security assessments


Technology and Security Incident Response

In order to determine the source and nature of technology or cyber security incidents a sound forensic investigation response is required. 


Drawing on our extensive experience in law enforcement, system security consulting, digital forensics and computer incident response we can provide the highly specialised skills required to investigate incidents such as:


•    confidential information disclosure (“leaks”)
•    intellectual property (IP) breaches
•    employee system misuse
•    online or computer fraud
•    cyber security incidents
•    network or system intrusions
•    critical system or other technology incidents.


Based on the investigation work undertaken we provide reports of our investigation findings, recommendations regarding potential security improvements identified or expert forensic reports and expert technology evidence for legal proceedings.


FTI Consulting - Cyber Security