FTI Consulting - Corporate Investigative Services

Conflict of Interest Investigations 

If a company is faced with allegations that employees have external, undisclosed business interests or relationships that pose a real or potential conflict of interest to their corporate responsibilities, FTI Consulting can conduct discreet fact-gathering investigations in a legal and ethical manner. These services often involve a forensic examination of computers and email servers. Information is gathered and presented to the client so that a business decision can be made regarding the future of the employee(s), as well as to evaluate any damage to the corporation. 


Investigations into Intellectual Property Loss 

For many companies, their prime asset is their intellectual capital. Theft of intellectual property, such as designs, processes, pricing information or customer data can seriously impact competitive advantage and profitability. Such theft may implicate a competitor who has engaged in corporate espionage through the coercion or bribery of your employee, or it may involve employees stealing proprietary data prior to leaving to join a competitor. Companies need to quickly establish what assets have been stolen and by whom so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. FTI Consulting provides discreet fact gathering services, as well as advice, to help resolve the situation.


Corruption Investigations 

In some business communities, cases of corruption amongst business and political communities are common. In others, it is hidden from all but the keenest observers. Our investigators will undertake detailed inquiries where there are such suspicions or allegations. These corruption investigations require in-depth industry knowledge, investigative experience and an international capability to produce the necessary evidence and reports that address all the relevant issues. This may include enlisting the cooperation of government agencies. Our experience enables us to suggest appropriate solutions to management. 


Where an employee has taken bribes, the choice may be between civil action and negotiation of an out-of-court settlement to recover losses, followed by dismissal. FTI Consulting can advise on procedures for any formal report to law enforcement. 


Relationships with corrupt suppliers can be thoroughly reviewed and restructured. Solutions can include termination, negotiation of damages, or extended rights to audit and investigate the supplier’s books, records and personnel in any on-going business relationships. FTI Consulting can provide investigative support where needed. 


In cases where an employee has bribed others, management may announce the implementation of changed policies, dismiss the individuals involved and negotiate settlements with claimants. FTI Consulting can provide facts and information to support companies’ decision making process.


Alleged Unfair Dismissals or Harassment Investigations 

Allegations of unfair dismissal or harassment need to be handled both promptly and sensitively. Investigation of sexual harassment allegations, in particular, must be conducted by an independent party that can be trusted by both the accuser and the accused. FTI Consulting provides that independence and trust. Using seasoned investigators, local language skills and cultural sensitivity, FTI Consulting gathers, evaluates and reports the facts, so that management can make appropriate decisions.


FTI Consulting - Corporate Investigative Services