Finding Balance: The Post-Covid Landscape For Financial Institutions.

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26 August 2020

COVID-19 represents one of the greatest ever shocks to our economies and, in consequence, to the business models of and the way financial institutions do business. While many changes to business processes and operations were already taking place prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 has given many added impetus and urgency. Decision-makers must choose between adapting a wait-and-see approach or implementing more proactive strategies to safeguard and, if possible, grow their businesses.

In recent months many lawyers, consultants, academics and commentators have spoken and advised on the immediate impact of lockdown and business interruption, and a great deal of time has been spent by several organizations telling businesses what they already know about current circumstances. Not enough time or thought has been committed to other compelling questions.

Finding Balance: The Post-COVID Landscape for Financial Institutions seeks to map the post-pandemic environment that financial institutions need to navigate as we move to the new normal. We look at how different industry sectors are experiencing profoundly distinct impacts on their balance sheets and markets, with very different timescales and pinch points. We also consider how the global economy will be impacted directly and indirectly in the years ahead. Drawing on analysis and resources from beyond the legal sector — media commentary, economic analysis, consultancy, political insight — and reflecting our clients' own views on what's happening to their businesses in various jurisdictions and areas of business, Baker McKenzie's legal experts consider the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for financial institutions.

Over the coming weeks, in this series of briefings, our experts will discuss their expectations for each of four industry subsectors: (1) banking, (2) insurance, (3) financial sponsors: asset management, private equity and sovereign wealth funds and (4) financial market infrastructure. We also take a look at five of the industry's most compelling trends — (1) rising global indebtedness, (2) shadow banking, (3) increasing regulatory scrutiny, (4) impact of new technology and (5) sustainable financial institutions — and analyze how COVID-19 is impacting them. 

Read our introductory briefing setting out the scene here. (10 Pages PDF)

Setting the Scene

Financial institutions must now navigate not only an economy in recession, but one where COVID-19 is disrupting business models and accelerating existing trends such as digitalization and the importance of environmental, social and governance factors.

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