Conventus Law meets The Malaysian Lawyers!

8th March, 2016


We had a great time this week, as Stephen Lai, the Managing Director of Hong Kong-based Conventus Law visited the Kuala Lumpur offices of each of the co-founders of The Malaysian Lawyer.

Stephen dropped by the offices of Skrine to meet Lee Shih, and the offices of Peter Ling & van Geyzel to chat with Marcus van Geyzel.


We had very interesting discussions on the legal industry in Asia-Pacific, the NewLaw models, business development and marketing strategies, as well as the current wave of legal tech and innovation.


Conventus Law has been a strong supporter of The Malaysian Lawyer since our launch in October last year, and the team there have reproduced many of our posts on the Malaysia Law Blog section of their own website.


We definitely look forward to working together with Conventus Law on some exciting projects in the future.