Conventus Law And Zegal Announce Partnership To Deliver Contract Automation Services Across Asia.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific

27 October 2020


Digital publisher Conventus Law and legal tech company Zegal have partnered to enable users access to a digital contract lifecycle management system with tools that support automation, collaboration, version control, and e-Signatures.


Clients will have access to contract templates across a range of jurisdictions to quickly draft, negotiate, and sign high volumes of standard contracts within a secure and collaborative environment.  In a world where in-house legal teams are being asked to do more with less, this service will provide a cost-effective way to enable in-house teams to focus their resource allocation from routine legal work to more valuable strategic matters.

Stephen Lai, Managing Partner of Conventus Law said "As digital publishers, we are looking to do more to create value for our members. It is important for us to work with our law firm partners to leverage this technology to meet new client demands. I am delighted to be partnering with Zegal in turning this vision into a reality"
Hung Chou Tai, CEO of Zegal said “With top-rated law firms already using Zegal, why not extend the benefits to in-house counsels who do business across Asia?  With Zegal, Conventus will solve many issues of cross-border collaboration and contracts and help clients solve their legal needs - anywhere, any time."
Stephen Lai will now also have an additional role as VP of Legal Sector Development with Zegal.