China - SHIAC Reappoints Maarten Roos To Arbitration Panel.

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14 September 2021


R&P is proud to announce that Maarten Roos has been appointed to the Panel of Arbitrators of the Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC) for the third consecutive time. Maarten has been selected and approved for his expertise on Joint Venture & Partnerships, Corporate Law, M&A, and Commercial Arbitration. He resides in Shanghai and will serve as an Arbitrator until 2024.


Maarten’s first appointment came when the SHIAC was first established in 2012, as the first arbitrator from the Netherlands. Since then, he has served as arbitrator for several SHIAC arbitration disputes, and has also represented clients in arbitration cases across China and before the ICC in Europe. According to Maarten: “When drafting contracts, a company should always carefully consider which dispute resolution mechanism serves it best. R&P is a Chinese law firm and frequently represents clients in courts across China, but in many circumstances, arbitration can be the more effective choice.


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