China - Changes To Employment Pass Regulations For Overseas Intra-Corporate Transferees.

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30 June 2021

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Manpower introduced tougher criteria for Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICTs) holding an Employment Pass.


To qualify as an ICT, an Employment Pass holder must have worked for an overseas branch, affiliate or subsidiary of a Singapore company for at least 1 year before being posted to the company in Singapore. In addition, the Employment Pass holder must be employed in Singapore as a Manager, Executive or Specialist.


The Ministry of Manpower has introduced new conditions under which approval of an ICT may be given, including the following:


  • Family members of overseas ICTs are not eligible for Dependant’s Passes or Long Term Visit Passes, except where they are specifically covered by an applicable Free Trade Agreement and meet the prevailing criteria for consideration.

  • An overseas ICT is allowed entry into Singapore on a temporary basis, for a period strictly limited to the provision under the applicable trade agreement.

  • An overseas ICT is generally not eligible for future employment in Singapore after the expiry / termination of the work pass, or for permanent residency.




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