Asia Pacific Competition Law Bulletin February 2017.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Competition & Antitrust

14 March, 2017


Welcome to the first 2017 edition of our bi-monthly Asia Pacific Competition Law Bulletin. As with our other editions, this bulletin has been produced in collaboration with expert local law firms around the region: 


Allens (Australia, New Zealand), 

Vinod Dhall in collaboration with TT&A (India), 

Widyawan & Partners (Indonesia), 

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (Japan), 

Allen & Gledhill LLP (Singapore), 

Lee & Ko (South Korea) and 

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm (Taiwan).


We hope this newsletter continues to be a useful source of information on antitrust developments across the Asia Pacific region. 

In this edition, we outline a number of competition law and policy developments in the Asia Pacific region, with legislative reforms on competition law ongoing in Indonesia and Australia and a TPP-linked reform of voluntary resolution proceedings in Japan. 

Competition authorities continue to actively enforce antitrust prohibitions, with vertical cases in Singapore and China, a report on whistleblowers in South Korea, the first ever leniency order in India and cartel cases in Australia and New Zealand. 

On the merger side of things, a new merger notification threshold has been introduced in Taiwan, potentially resulting in many more mergers being notifiable to the TFTC. In China, MOFCOM fined parties to a foreign-to-foreign transaction for gun-jumping, the latest episode of China’s crackdown on merger control violations. 

Finally, we look at a controversial topic: the calculation of fines under the new competition regime in Hong Kong. 

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