Are You Prepared For A Dawn Raid?

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13 April, 2017


Access real-time step-by-step guidance on your rights and obligations


Antitrust agencies often coordinate their investigations, so a company can find itself being raided in several countries on the same day. Our Dawn Raid App provides practical assistance and peace of mind for individuals on the ground handling unannounced inspections. It answers a whole range of practical questions on a country by country basis under local law, including "Can inspectors demand passwords to allow IT access?" and "Can employees leave the building with their laptops?" 


Key features include: 


  • Coverage of 44 key jurisdictions covering both local administrative and criminal laws
  • Automatic click-through to the correct country checklist with step-by-step practical guidance on what to do and what not to do for civil and criminal antitrust raids
  • Ability to contact a local Baker McKenzie antitrust specialist directly
  • Camera accessibility so users can take and send photos of the dawn raid warrant and other key documents so Baker McKenzie can provide immediate legal support


Innovation is critical to our clients' success, and they look for that same commitment to innovation in their law firms. Harnessing technology to deliver novel practical global solutions allows us to better serve our clients in a fast changing world. 


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For further information, please contact:
Mini vandePol, Global Head of Compliance & Investigations Group, Baker & McKenzie

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