A Basic Guide About Property Law.

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26 July, 2021


What Is Property Law


Property law can also be known as real estate law, and it usually refers to as the law that deals with the ownership and transaction of commercial or private property.


These laws are present as they provide the basic rules and principles which are used to resolve matters and disputes over property.


As we all know that the value of the land has always been comparatively high, due to which the market for leasing, buying, and selling property is never much slow and is somewhat on the high end.


The main topics that are covered under this law are ownership of the land, disputes over the land, transfer of the land, mortgages, licences, adverse possession, etc.


Some of the best property lawyers in Melbourne provide client services related to all these areas to cater to their clients.


Types of Property Law


Commercial Law


Commercial property is basically the type of real estate that is used for business purposes, but it can also refer to land which produces any kind of profit for the owner.


The lawyers that deal with commercial property can practice both for the international as well as the domestic clients that involve landowners, governments, or developers.


This means that this type of law includes dealing with clients from a wide range of sectors, i.e., agricultural landowners, hotel owners, or even charities.


Personal Property Law


Personal property deals with the law areas that are related to the legal aspects of the leasing, buying, or selling of the residential property.


The personal property lawyers in this field act for both all types of international clients or domestic clients who want to sell or buy houses at a certain place, depending on the reach of the law firm.


As purchasing a home is one of the most important and expensive decisions that a person can make in their entire lifetime, personal property law deals with residential real estate.


What A Property Lawyer Does


As property law mainly deals with transactional work that is based on the buying and selling of the land or real estate, a property lawyer is the one who provides his quality services related to these matters.


The practice area of a property lawyer is divided into commercial as well as residential work. The residential work is likely to take place at the regional-based firms or high street where the clients are usually the general public.


However, some larger property law firms are likely to deal with the work and instructions from the commercial clients in which their work includes drafting commercial leases, negotiation of real estate contracts, and due diligence.




Property ilaw is one of the main subjects of the law firms as it deals with all kinds of buying, selling, or leasing of real estate.


To become a better property lawyer, one would certainly require multi-tasking skills to deal with the drafting, negotiation when bringing a transaction together.


This means that work experience in this field is as essential as qualifying as a solicitor to gain as much commercial and residential experience.