2020 Myanmar Insurance & Reinsurance Guide.

Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Myanmar - Insurance & Reinsurance

20 May 2020



The Myanmar insurance market has taken significant steps toward liberalisation and is providing a chance for greater economic development. Amid these uncertain times, companies operating in Myanmar will need to understand what forms of insurance are offered and how coverage can protect their business.


We are happy to share with you the 2020 Myanmar Insurance & Reinsurance Guide as published by Chambers and Partners and authored by our insurance team. The Guide covers the main sources of law governing the insurance sector.




 Topics Include:


  1. Basis of Insurance and Reinsurance Law

  2. Regulation of Insurance and Reinsurance

  3. Overseas Firms Doing Business in this Jurisdiction

  4. Transaction Activity

  5. Distribution

  6. Making an Insurance Contract

  7. Alternative Risk Transfer

  8.  Interpreting an Insurance Contract

  9. Disputes

  10. Insurtech

  11. Emerging Risks and New Products

  12. Recent and Forthcoming Legal Developments

  13. Other Development





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