2019 China Outbound Investment Legal & Policy Risks Forum – Xi’an

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19 December, 2019


Nigel Binnersley, Swartz, Binnersley & Associate’s Disputes Partner, joined the 2019 China Outbound Investment Legal & Policy Risk Forum hosted by Jingsh Law Firm Xi’an Office in China on 25 November 2019. Organised by Alston & Bird LLP, Nigel spoke alongside representatives of Jingsh Law Firm Xi’an Office, Ernst & Young and Interchina Consulting.


The Forum discussed the impact the trade war between the US and the China, and how the world’s economic landscape may change. Nigel presented on the topic of “Considerations for Litigation and Arbitration in the Common Law System of Overseas Investment”, highlighting the Belt & Road initiative with a deep analysis of force majeure and its considerations for businesses in today’s corporate world where market stability is a concern as the world watches the likes of Brexit, the US-China trade war and social unrest unfold.