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Mr. Josh Fan is a partner with Tsar & Tsai Law Firm and joined the firm in 2006. Prior to joining Tsar & Tsai, Josh was a judicial officer for more than 15 years. He served as the prosecutor of Hsin-Chu District Court (1991-1997) and Shih-Lin District Court (1997-1998), a judge in Taipei District Court (1998– 2000), the presiding judge in Taoyuan District Court (2000-2001) and a judge in the Taiwan High Court (2001-2006). Having served as a prosecutor and a judge, Josh brought to private practice his rich experience in handling criminal cases and white-collar crime.


After joining Tsar & Tsai, Josh has handled several high profile intellectual property infringement and securities cases, including defending several publicly traded companies against charges of violating the Securities and Exchange Law.

While serving as a judicial officer, Josh was actively involved in the Ministry of Justice’s efforts to amend the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law. He frequently gives speeches and lectures by the invitation of various government agencies and private organizations on topics ranging from proposed amendments to the Criminal Law to white collar crimes.




  • Taiwan




  • National Taiwan University School of Law (LL.B. 1986)
  • Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors (1991)
  • Legal Administration Curriculum, Center for Public Business & Administration Education, National Cheng-chi University (Graduated First in the Class 1997)
  • National Taiwan University Executive MBA (LLM, 2011)




  • Taipei Bar Association




  • Retrospection and Review of Government’s Handling the Structure Note Incident in 2005─ From the Viewpoint of the Legal Aspect
  • Study on Mainland China's Law Governing Economic Contract Involving Foreign Elements - Focusing on the Breaches of Contract (Executive Yuan and Ministry of Justice Awarded Publication 1993)
  • General Study on the Application of Cause-and-Effect Crimes and Repeated Crimes after Their Abolishment (The Taiwan Law Review, Issue 136)
  • Commentary on Interpretation No. 288 & No. 321 by the Constitutional Court of the Judicial Yuan (The Taiwan Law Review, Issue 28)
  • Commentary on Amendment to the Hearsay Rules of the Criminal Procedure Law (The Law Monthly, Vol. 54, Issue 7)
  • Study on Validity Period of the Interpretation on Unconstitutionality (China Law Journal, Vol. 41, Issue 2)
  • Short Introduction on Amendment to the Criminal Law in 2006 (Police, Issue 7)
  • Commentary on Issue of Over-exercise of Power of Seizure in Criminal Cases (Criminal Law Journal, Vol. 52, Issue 5)
  • Discussion on Equality of Power in Criminal Trials (Taiwan Prosecutor Review, Issue 4)




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