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Suite 205, 511 Youngdong-daero, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 06164


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Rhi & Partners is a full service law firm based in Seoul, South Korea offering a wide array of legal services to clients in the corporate, commercial, industrial, financial and governmental sectors. Rhi & Partners assures quality, knowledge, experience and integrity, and serves domestic and international clients, ranging from small start-up companies to large multinational corporations.


Rhi & Partners was established in 2010 through the merger of Seo & Hyun, whose practice was focused mainly on public law areas such as constitutional, administrative, antitrust and tax law, and Rhi & Partners, whose practice was focused on the areas of corporation, finance, bankruptcy, intellectual property and international transactions. The result of the merger was a newly combined firm with a strong foundation in all areas of law, anchored by a selective group of highly qualified attorneys, and deeply rooted in years of experience and expertise.


Our partners bring to each of their client engagements between ten and thirty years of experience in their individual fields of expertise, as well as close, personal attention to your matter. We listen carefully to your concerns and respond to your needs, keeping you continuously informed and performing work on your matters efficiently and timely. We apply our experience and knowledge to your cases to provide an individually tailored, cost-effective legal solution that accounts for your present concerns and your long-term interests. Our billing rates are very competitive and offer a cost-effective solution to your legal needs.


In addition to our outstanding domestic legal services, we also work extensively in international matters. Our close association with corresponding firms in other countries enables us to maintain strong international coverage. Our commitment to our clients and dedication to building a lasting relationship with clients drive us to provide only the best legal services. We look forward to the opportunity to provide expert legal advice in any of our core practice areas.


Corporate Legal Advice


  • Advisory Service and Litigation Service
  • Corporate Dispute Resolution
  • Antitrust, Fair Trade, Franchise Transactions
  • Delisting, Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring, and Workout Services


Corporate Transaction Structuring & Advices


  • Corporate Acquisition, M&A
  • Corporate Disputes, Hostile M&As
  • Filing for Business Combination


Cross Border Investment, Securities Financing


  • Foreign Investment, In-bound and Out-bound
  • International Litigation and International Arbitration
  • International Trade, Securities and Financing


Constitutional Litigation, Administrative Litigation and Tax Litigation


  • Constitutional Litigation, Administrative Litigation, and Tax litigation


Real Estate


  • Real Estate Transactions, Construction, Reconstruction, and Redevelopment.


Criminal Law Practice


  • Corporate crime


Intellectual Property


  • Patent, Trademark, Licensing, Trade Secrets, and Unfair Competition


Family Law Practice


  • Inheritance, Divorce, and Estate Planning