JunHe, founded in Beijing in 1989, is one of the first private partnership law firms in China.  Since its establishment, JunHe has grown to be one of the largest and most recognized Chinese law firms.  The firm has thirteen offices around the world and a team comprised of more than 930 professionals, including over 260 partners and legal counsel, as well as over 670 associates and legal translators.


JunHe is committed to providing top-tier legal services in commercial transactions and litigation, and is well known for being a pioneer in the reestablishment and development of the modern legal profession in China.


Just as each industry requires specialized knowledge, our attorneys are organized in multidisciplinary practice groups so that they are equipped with deep expertise in market-tailored legal fields and industry sectors.  To meet the specific requirements of each client and project, we form project teams across different practice groups to combine the strengths of lawyers with the requisite skills to offer bespoke legal advice.  By consistently providing exceptional representation, we have earned our reputation for excellence.


JunHe is a true and genuine partnership law firm, with our domestic and overseas offices placed under common management and resources pooled and deployed in an integrated manner. In addition to our head office in Beijing, the firm operates offices throughout China in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, Dalian, Haikou and Tianjin. Through our network of offices based in China’s political, economic and financial centers as well as in the economic zones along the east and the south coasts, we serve our clients across the country. In tandem with our domestic clients’ investments abroad, the firm opened fully licensed offices in Hong Kong and New York, two international commercial centers, as well as in the high-tech mecca of Silicon Valley. 


At JunHe we are keenly aware that our core competitiveness lies in the strength of our collective intelligence.  Our attorneys are primarily recruited from the top law schools and law firms in the world and some have in their previous careers served as government officials, judges, accountants, tax analysts and scientists. While most of our lawyers are licensed in China, many are qualified to practice law in multiple jurisdictions, such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.  Our attorneys are multilingual, with fluency in Chinese as well as English, German, Japanese and several other languages.


From the beginning, JunHe has grown by virtue of innovation, and has been credited with many “firsts” in the Chinese market. Growing with our clients, we have not only been honored with high praise, but have also achieved a leading position in the Chinese legal industry.


In the context of globalization, we augment our strengths by collaborating with leading law firms in other jurisdictions.  By building such alliances, we overcome cultural differences and knowledge gaps.  In turn, our clients benefit from a combination of rich local experience, smooth communications, a full spectrum of practice, global coordination and seamless representation in cross-border transactions.