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What You Need To Know About The Law On Retrenchment Of Employees



24th January, 2016


There has been a wave of retrenchments in Malaysia, which started last year and looks to continue through 2016. Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister says that his ministry expects retrenchments to continue into 2017. Continue Reading




Handing Employee Dismissals Properly Under Malaysian Law



14th January, 2016


By Marcus van GeyzelMalaysian Lawyer


In this series, we have addressed the general employment law backdrop in Malaysia, legal issues when hiring employees, and how to ensure good employee management. This post will discuss the end of the employment life cycle — the termination of the employment contract, or dismissal. Continue Reading




A Hong Kong Lawyer's Guide: Defend Yourself Against Office Bullies


12th January, 2016


By David Ashley Southern


Bullying has to be distinguished from motivating and pushing employees to improve their performance by giving constructive feedback. Verbal abuse, being given the most unpopular tasks and being ignored by other staff and cyber bullying, are the most common types of bullying. Setting the employee up to fail is a rarer example of bullying. Continue Reading



Legal considerations when hiring employees in Malaysia



12th January, 2016


By Marcus van GeyzelMalaysian Lawyer


Following the previous post — What Malaysian employers need to know about employment law — which was an introduction to this series, this is the first in a three-part series on employment law. This post focuses on hiring employees. Continue Reading​




What Malaysian Employers Need To Know About Employment Law.



11th January, 2016


By Marcus van GeyzelMalaysian Lawyer


The Malaysian law governing industrial relations — or employment law — has a reputation for being overly-friendly to employees. Continue Reading