Video Analysis

AIAC Asia ADR Week 2018 - Drafting a Concrete Clad Decision

Sabarina Samadi, partner at ZICO Law, Malaysia on the the dos and don’ts in writing an Adjudication Decision.

KLRCA rebrand to AIAC

Sundra Rajoo, director of AIAC on why the KLRCA has rebranded to AIAC and what we can expect from the AIAC in the future. 


AIAC Asia ADR Week 2018 - Back to the future

Ing Loong Yang, partner at Latham & Watkins on why we must understand and learn from the past before reshaping the future of international arbitration.

AIAC Asia ADR Week 2018 - AIAC Rules

Aniz Ahmad of Cecil Abraham & Partners on the AIAC rules and his key takeaways from the ADR Week 2018. #AAW2018 #Arbitration #AIAC


AIAC Asia ADR Week 2018 - Optimisation of legal research and ADR through technology

Jo Fan Pang of CanLaw on tech and the future of law.