Video Analysis

The future of eDiscovery

We spoke to Richard Williams, partner at Deloitte, at the RelativityOne Hong Kong launch and got his views on the future of eDiscovery. #LegalTech #Relativity #eDiscovery


SIAC Congress 2018 - Cross institution consolidation protocol and its objectives.

We spoke to Nish Shetty, head of Asia Pacific litigation & dispute resolution at Clifford Chance on the SIAC Cross institution consolidation protocol and if this protocol will achieve its objectives. #Arbitration #SIAC #Singapore


SIAC Congress 2018 - The future of international arbitration

Ruth Stackpool-Moore, head of Asia at Harbour Litigation Funding on the future of international arbitration and the will third party funding have a role to play in this.


SIAC Congress 2018 - The role of CIArb and the future of International Arbitration

We spoke with Camilla Godman, Regional director, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators on the future of international arbitration and how the CIArb may be able to contribute to this.


SIAC - CIArb Debate 2018.

Motion - This House Believes that Arbitral Institutions should hold Tribunals and Parties Accountable for Delays and Increased Costs through their Powers of the Purse.  We spoke to debate moderator Chou Sean Yu, Chairman of CIArb (Singapore) and partner at WongPartnership, and got his views about the debate. #Arbitration