Video Analysis

Contractual Disputes - Avoidance and Management across APAC

Erika Evasdottir, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at
Origin X Capital shares her views on how to achieve contractual dispute avoidance. 

Navigating the new geo-political and economic reality in the Asia-Pacific region

Dane Chamorro, Senior Partner at Control Risk summarises his keynote speech at the inaugural ACC Asia Pac Annual Meeting. #ACCAPAC2019


Why are Control Risk supporting the ACC?

Dane Chamorro, senior partner at Control Risk on why they are supporting the ACC Asia Annual meeting. #ACCAPAC2019


The Inaugural Asia ACC Annual Meeting

Simon Fish, General Counsel of BMO Financial Group and Board Chair of the ACC give us his thoughts on the inaugural Asia ACC Annual Meeting


The importance of Asia to Lex Mundi

Carl E Anduri, President of Lex Mundi reflects on why the Asia market is becoming increasingly important to Lex Mundi.