Video Analysis

Bill Hamilton - His highlights from Relativity Fest

During this year's Relativity Fest, we spoke with Bill Hamilton, Executive Director at UF Law on why he enjoys Relativity Fest and what he got out of it this year. 


HK Arbitration Week 2018 - The momentum of HK Arb Week

Matt Gearing, Chairperson of HKIAC on the momentum of HK Arb Week over the last 7 years and why it is important to keep it going. 


HK Arbitration Week 2018 - Mitigating dispute risks on OBOR projects.

We spoke with Eleanor Hughes from Skadden during Hong Kong Arbitration week and got her views about how best to mitigate dispute risks for OBOR Projects. 


HK Arbitration Week 2018 - Impact on HKIAC case volumes from OBOR

Sarah Grimmer, Secretary General at HKIAC talk to us during #HKArbWeek on whether or not HKIAC has seen an increase in case volumes resulting from OBOR projects.


What keeps a legal technologist motivated?

We caught up with Terry Wong, CTO of Zegal during #zegalcon and he told what inspires him.