Video Analysis

Why Hong Kong Arbitration Week is such an important event for Latham & Watkins

Latham & Watkins have been supporting the Hong Kong Arbitration since its inaugural event in 2011. We caught up with Ing Loong Yang, Partner at Latham & Watkins to find out why this is such an important event for his firm and how he sees the Hong Kong Arbitration Week in the future. 


The role of Blockchain in the future of law

We caught up with Cori Goudchaux, VP at Integra Ledger and discussed what role blockchain will play in the future of law.

Advantages of having Investment Arbitration hearings in Hong Kong

Dr Nicolas Wiegand, Partner at CMS on why Hong Kong holds many advantages as a destination for Investment Arbitrations. 

MARC International Arbitration Centre in Mauritius as dispute centre for Asian investors into Africa

We caught with Dipna Gunnoo, Head of MARC in Mauritius during this year's #HKArbWeek. She told us why she was visiting and why Mauritius can be a good choice for dispute resolution for Asian investors into Africa.

Relativity and the education community

Bill Hamilton, Executive Director at UF Law on how Relativity has helped him serve the community as an educator.