Video Analysis

The role of artificial intelligence in the future of law.

Kimberley Davies, senior legal product expert, Luminance AI on the role of AI and the future of law.

Advantages of cloud technology and the law firm.

Cheng Kwee Chua, Regional Director, Asia at Thomson Reuters on what advantages cloud technology can bring to the law firm.

The rapid rise of "New Law" in Asia

Lesley Hobbs, CEO of Cognatio Law talk to us on the rapid rise of New Law in Asia and the role New Law plays in the future of the legal industry.

Overview of the Asia Pacific legal market

We caught up with Eric Chin, strategic consultant during the ChilliIQ Legal Forum Asia and talked about the current status if the legal market in Asia.

Law firm adaptation of legal tech.

We spoke to Serena Lim, director of Litigation Edge and Bizibody Technology at the 5th Chilliiq Forum Asia on how law firms in Singapore may best adapt to the rise of legal technology.