Video Analysis

Asset Finance - Noteworthy criticisms of the Cape Town Convention

Stephenson Harwood partner, Simon Wong discussed the noteworthy criticisms of the CTC.

Asset Finance - The Cape Town Convention, and its main goals.

Stephenson Harwood partner, Simon Wong talks to us about the importance of the Cape Town Convention in the world of aircraft finance, what the main goals of the convention. 

Asia - Evolving technology infrastructure vs evolving cybercrime.

With cybersecurity breaches at its highest, does the infrastructure have to evolve to keep up with the latest and greatest technology in the battle against hackers, and if yes, how does a business go about this?

Asia - Benefits of being proactive in preventing cyber attacks.

Businesses often ask how important is it for a company to be proactive in prevention of cyber breaches. Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Stroz Friedberg, Hong Kong talks to us from a cost-benefit perspective and on whether to invest in preventative measures or to wait to engage in reactive steps to remediate.

Asia - Business cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Paul Jackson, managing director, Stroz Friedberg, Hong Kong examines cybersecurity vulnerabilities within a business and where they typically emanate from.