Video Analysis

GPC Series - How the Hong Kong leg compares to the rest of the world.

Views on the different voting results from the GPC series and his thoughts on the GPC Hong Kong conference.

Hong Kong - How can dispute resolution be improved?

Prof Nadja Alexander​, Academic Director, Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy, SMU and Alice To,​ General Counsel, Hsin Chong Construction Company Limited​ give us their thoughts on what are the main obstacles faced by parties when seeking to resolve disputes,  what processes and tools should be prioritised to improve dispute resolution and access to justice and which stakeholders are likely to be most resistant to change and which ones are likely to be most influential.

Hong Kong - Access to justice & dispute resolution systems. Parties' wants, needs and expectations

Fiona Stewart, Director of Legal Services, Aon Asia and Aon Hong Kong and Julian Copeman, Managing Partner, Greater China, Herbert Smith Freehills spoke to us during the GPC series, Hong Kong leg about the needs of commercial and civil disputants, the types of outcomes sought, the role of lawyers and different types of providers, and an understanding of what distinguishes inexperienced parties from experienced and sophisticated disputants.

Shipping Law - Insolvency and the failure of delivery of goods.

Stephenson Harwood Partner, King Tak Fung explains what happens when a carrier fails to deliver the goods as per the carriage contract due to insolvency and which party shall bear the relevant risks and consequences. 

Shipping Law - Transporting the goods to the destination port.

Stephenson Harwood Partner, King Tak Fung on who is responsible for transporting goods to the destination port, who would bear the additional costs incurred and whether or not marine cargo insurance cover such loss?