Video Analysis

Shipping Law - Can the seller claim credit insurance to cover the non-payment of the buyer?

We spoke Stephenson Harwood Partner, King Tak Fung on whether a seller of a ship can claim credit insurance to cover the non-payment of the buyer and what the key differences between the credit coverage  options provided by credit insurers in the market.

Hong Kong - Promoting better access to justice: What action items should be considered and by whom?

Responsibilities of each stakeholder group in shaping the future of dispute resolution. What are effective ways of providing parties with more choice? What is likely to have most impact? What innovations and trends should be taken into consideration? With a better understanding of the roles each stakeholder group has to play, stakeholders will be empowered to improve current and future dispute resolution processes and identify the changes to be focused on.

Hong Kong Dispute Resolution. How are parties' wants, needs & expectations addressed?

What outcomes dispute resolution service providers tend to prioritise, what tends to influence outcomes, the benefits of participating in non-adjudicative processes, what makes a process efficient, and who is responsible for ensuring the parties are aware of their procedural choices?

The impact of third party funding to the legal market in Asia

Chiann Bao of Skadden talks to us about third party funding and its impact  to the legal market in Asia. 

Asia Pacific - Overview of third party funding.

Skadden partner, Rory McAlpine gives us a brief overview of the concept of 3rd party funding in a litigation and arbitration context.