Webinar - Post COVID-19 Issues In Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Disputes In Southeast Asia: What To Be Aware Of And How To Prepare!

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Date: 30th July, 2020

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 PM (HK)


You are invited to attend this free webinar which will cover three very important topics in the current business climate. These include 


(a) Opportunities and Business Intelligence in Southeast Asia in the Context of COVID-19


(b) Cybersecurity: Is it safer to work from home than in the office? 


(c) Post-COVID-19 and the Looming Disputes Storm


See below for more information about the topics to be discussed. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions live during the webinar which will either be answered live or the presenter can reach out after the event if you prefer. 


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Your presenters:


  • Jeremy Tan, Director, Global Investigations + Strategic intelligence practice at Berkeley Research Group (BRG)
  • K.K. Lim, Head, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection at Harry Elias Partnership LLP
  • Francis Goh, Partner, Head, International Arbitration Head, Private Client Advisory at Harry Elias Partnership LLP
  • Janice Lee, Foreign Counsel at Harry Elias Partnership LLP


Please see below for more information about your presenters. 


We will also be welcoming a guest speaker, to be announced very shortly.


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Discussion topics


(a) Opportunities and Business Intelligence in Southeast Asia in the Context of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened government and business attention, globally, on actively seeking to address dependence on China for production and supply. This has come in the midst of the US-China trade war, which has resulted in increased tariffs being levied on their China operations. Further, the passing of the new national security law in Hong Kong will only seek to hasten the movements of labour, capital, and diversification of supply chains and investments to Southeast Asia. In view of the burgeoning opportunities and operating contexts of key Southeast Asian markets, investigative due diligence and business intelligence gathering are going to be as important as ever for multinationals capitalising on the “new normal".


(b) Cybersecurity: Is it safer to work from home than in the office? 


What are the long-term issues that companies must address to safeguard their data in a distributed workplace? Singapore, in line with modern economies around the world going digital, is requiring companies to take cybersecurity and data breaches more seriously by proposing to mandate compulsory data breach reporting combined with GDPR-style fines based on a percentage of the companies’ gross revenue. Singapore has also proposed to mandate intra-company data portability on request from their customers. How should companies respond to the new requirements under the proposed personal data amendments laws in Singapore, including companies with concurrent GDPR obligations?


(c) Post COVID-19 and the Looming Disputes Storm


To ease the economic tension brought by COVID-19, governments in the region have taken temporary legislative measures to suspend the commencement of disputes and the enforcement of contractual claims. Eventually, however, the economy will re-open, which can potentially leave some companies which have not been able to recover from the COVID-19 impact uncertain of their next steps. What happens to companies which are unable to comply with their contractual obligations? How can companies manage the impending disputes and what are the dispute resolution solutions that companies can utilize?


Jeremy Tan

Director, Global Investigations + Strategic intelligence practice

Berkeley Research Group (BRG)


Jeremy Tan is based in Singapore. He has a decade of experience advising private companies, law firms, and governments. He has supervised and led the execution of hundreds of investigative and intelligence gathering assignments in a multitude of industry sectors including in-depth reputational due diligence, asset tracing, political risk analysis, and threat assessments.  Many of these discreet undertakings have supported decision-making for market entry, green field investments, pre-initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, and business strategy. 


Before joining BRG, Mr. Tan worked at a global consultancy firm, where he led the growth of the investigations and business intelligence practice in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. He also has deep experience managing projects in other Asia–Pacific (APAC) countries, particularly China and India, and globally.  


Earlier in his career, Mr. Tan served in the Singapore Government’s Prime Minister’s Office, where he was involved in the identification and monitoring of emerging issues of political and strategic importance to Singapore and the wider APAC region. He routinely engaged senior government decision makers on scenario planning and strategy and explored the use of data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing in qualitative research.



Berkeley Research Group (BRG) is a global consulting firm that helps leading organizations advance in three key areas: disputes and investigations, corporate finance, and strategy and operations. Headquartered in California with offices around the world, we are an integrated group of experts, industry leaders, academics, data scientists and professionals working beyond borders and disciplines.


We harness our collective expertise to deliver the inspired insights and practical strategies our clients need to stay ahead of what’s next. Visit thinkbrg.com to learn more.


Head, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection
Harry Elias Partnership LLP


KK heads the firm’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology advisory and commercial matters, with a focus in representing clients and advising matters involving privacy and data protection, cybersecurity, mobile security, audit, and compliance advisory.


His other practice areas include employment matters such as employment disputes, work injury compensation and trust & private wealth management. He is also a Board member of a licensed trust company.



Harry Elias Partnership Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice  


The Harry Elias Partnership Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice is led by practice leaders with extensive legal and technical experience in cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. We provide advisory to Singapore based SMEs, regional and global companies on both Singapore’s data protection laws and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The Practice has extensive working relationship with leading legal, forensic, accounting and tax advisory firms in member states of Asean and is well-positioned to support our clients throughout this region. 


Francis Goh

Head, International Arbitration Head, Private Client Advisory Partner, Civil and Commercial Litigation

Harry Elias Partnership LLP


Francis is an equity partner at Harry Elias Partnership LLP.


He has nearly 30 years of experience in dispute resolution.


Francis believes that with proper advice, parties can manage disputes and do business with confidence. His practice covers a broad spectrum including advising listed companies and multinational corporations on their legal processes and risk management as well as representing clients in the Singapore Courts, International Arbitration and Mediation.


Francis has acted in international arbitrations under the SIAC, HKIAC, ICC and LMAA. In foreign courts, he has provided specialist views on aspects of Singapore law. An early adopter of mediation, both as counsel and as mediator, Francis understands how to use the mediation process to help parties negotiate win-win commercial outcomes for their disputes. 


Janice Lee
Foreign Counsel
Harry Elias Partnership LLP


A multi-qualified international arbitration counsel, Janice represents clients in their cross-border disputes involving commercial contracts, M&A, construction and energy. She is particularly well-versed in SIAC and ICC arbitrations and specialises in complex, high-value disputes across multiple jurisdictions. Prior to moving to Singapore, Janice practised for several years in the Philippines.


She has particular experience in dealing with Southeast Asian clients with respect to their business concerns and regulatory needs, and representing multinational clients in commercial and public interest disputes.



Harry Elias Partnership International Arbitration Practice


The Harry Elias Partnership International Arbitration Practice is committed to providing its clients with cost-efficient and effective solutions. We regularly provide advice on complex international commercial disputes. We have extensive experience in advising and successfully representing multinational entities and our team is comprised of trained and experienced litigation, mediation and arbitration advocates. As a full-service Singapore law firm, we have full rights of audience before all tiers of Singapore Courts and are well-placed to advise and support our clients in arbitration and mediation-related court applications


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