The State Of AI in Australia.

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5 August, 2019


The State Of AI in Australia.


Ashurst was delighted to host a half-day Artificial Intelligence Forum in our Sydney office in March this year. The forum titled "The State of AI in Australia" was our first forum dedicated to artificial intelligence and there are plans to hold more forums in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney in late October and early November on this topic. 


s predictions about the impact of artificial intelligence alternate between the euphoric and the cataclysmic, earlier this year we gathered some of Australia's leading AI experts and pioneers to provide their insight into the current capabilities of AI and the real threats posed by this developing technology.


World-leading authority on machine-learning and robotics, Professor Durrant-Whyte, NSW Government Chief Scientist and Engineer, was the keynote speaker. He spoke about the benefits of AI in digital health, agriculture and mining and how AI can make the world a better place.


At the second session, Liesl Yearsley, CEO and Co-Founder of US-based company, reflected on how the world will move to 'personal AI' with AI redefining our everyday experiences in the future and fundamentally disrupting how we work, live and what it means to be human.


The final session of the morning was a panel discussion moderated by Ashurst Partner, Robert Todd titled "Turning research into solutions and understanding and managing the AI risk". Ashurst Digital Economy Partner, Tim Brookes joined panellists Dan Jermyn, Head of Data Science, Commonwealth Bank and Richard Kimber, CEO & Co-Founder of Daisee in a discussion looking at the key challenges and opportunities that artificial intelligence brings and the best way forward for AI to develop positively in our lives.


Each panellist provided thought-provoking and informative insights into what is happening right now in Australia and how AI will change things in the future.


Feedback from clients following the event was overwhelming positive, with one client writing, "The speakers were outstanding, this was a really excellent and impactful event".


Click on the images below to stream videos of each session.


If you have any suggestions for topics you would like us to cover at future AI forums, please contact any of the Ashurst partners listed below.


Session 1



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Can AI make the world a better place?


Can we develop programs that learn to solve any complex problem without needing to be taught how? Can AI help us understand the mysteries of the universe and tackle some of our most pressing real-world challenges? (Running time: 52 mins approx.) 

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Session 2



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What will the future of AI and the human experience look like?


How will people make decisions and solve complex problems in this future world? With IA, how will people experience using money, running their homes, looking after their health and diet and relating to other people? (Running time: 46 mins approx.) 
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Session 3


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Turning research into solutions and understanding and managing the AI risk


The panellists are Tim Brookes (Partner, Ashurst), Dan Jermyn (Head of Data Science, Commonwealth Bank of Australia), and Richard Kimber (CEO & Co-Founder, Daisee). Moderated by Robert Todd (Partner, Ashurst). (Running time: 57 mins approx.) 

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