Taiwan - The Supreme Court Confirmed That Rohm & Haas’s Patent Was Invalid.

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9 May, 2019


Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials CMP Holdings Inc. (“R&H”), a U.S. company, claimed that the chemical mechanical polishing pad products of NexPlanar Corporation infringed upon R&H’s Taiwan Patent No. 176078, and commenced a patent litigation in the Intellectual Property Court.  


On June 2, 2016, the second instance of the IP Court denied R&H’s claims, holding that said R&H’s patent was invalid as it lacked inventive step.  


R&H appealed said IP Court’s decision to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court dismissed on January 14, 2019 R&H’s appeal per its judgment No. 107-Tai-Shang- No. 754.  Tsar & Tsai represented NexPlanar Corporation in obtaining the winning judgment in this case. 



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