Taiwan -The Judicial Yuan Passed The Proposed Amendment of The Code of Criminal Procedure.

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2 February, 2018


The amendment provides that those defendants who are not represented by counsel shall be permitted to access the relevant case files to a certain extent. 


In addition, in order to prevent defendants from evading criminal punishment, the court may order that the defendants be monitored with proper surveillance technology, be confined at the defendant’s residence or certain area, be required to hand over their passports, or be prohibited to dispose of their specific properties; and that the defendants be compelled to appear in court when the judgement is announced. 


Additionally, when the higher court determines that the petition to vacate the lower court’s ruling on bail setting, custody, confinement, or detention is justifiable, the higher court shall vacate the original ruling and make a new ruling itself, and not remain the case to the lower court. 



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