Singapore - HSA Makes Amendments To Categorisation Of Post-Approval Variations (MAV-1 And MIV).

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19 February, 2019


The HSA has re-categorised the inclusion of clinical information on concomitant administration of vaccines in the product label from MAV-1 to MIV-1. MAV-1 refers to any variation to the indications, dosing regimens, patient population and/or inclusion of clinical information for extending the use of a registered product, while MIV-1 refers to a minor variation to the quality aspects and/or labelling of a therapeutic product.


These changes take into consideration the fact that updates relating to the potential interference between co-administered vaccines do not entail extension of the use of the product.


The HSA has also announced that certain MIV-1s will be re-categorised to MIV- 2s. MIV-2 refers to a minor variation or an administrative change. The relevant MIV-1s that will be re-categorised are as follows:


  • Alignment of the Package Insert/Patient Information Leaflet of generic drugs with the corresponding current labels of the Singapore Reference Product;
  • Addition or amendment of information on “Instructions for Use” for products with special delivery system/device (e.g. transdermal patches, inhalers, prefilled syringes, etc.); and
  • Addition or amendment to the Drug interactions and overdose sections that result in strengthening of safety information or restriction of use.


The HSA elaborates these re-categorisation changes seek to refine their regulatory approach and to simplify the regulatory filing process for safety and administrative changes.


More information about the approach can be found here.


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