Registration Of The Company In The Republic Of Kazakhstan.

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21 April, 2020


Registration process is a statutory prescribed process with defined requirements for documents drafting, deadlines for filings and other requirements which in case of violation can result refusal in registration.


What is Unicase and how do we work?


Unicase team provides full support during the registration of the company in Kazakhstan through preparation of necessary documents, assistance with the governmental agencies on the process of registration and other issues.


The registration procedure proceeds according to the Step I-IV described in the sections below.


Step I. Preparation for registration process


Suitability for company registrationForemost it is necessary to determine the founder (participants) and the form of organization (LLP, JSC, Branch/Representative Office), select the name of the company, amount of the authorized charter capital (if applicable), address of registration and director of the company.


Step II Draft of necessary documents


Following the Step I, the standard registration procedure begins with a Resolution or Minutes of the General Meeting on registration of the company, drawn up in the manner prescribed by law. The following document shall be prepared and passed:


  • Application for registration in established state form
  • Resolution/Minutes on registration of the company
  • PoA for Unicase lawyers to perform all required steps for registration
  • Charter (or Regulations) of the company
  • Passport/ID card of the Director/IIN of the director* it is required for the Director to obtain individual identification number in Kazakhstan
  • Charter of the head (founder) company or other foundation document (if applicable)
  • Extract from trade register of the head (founder) company (if applicable)
  • Tax extract of the head (founder) company (if applicable)
  • License of the head (founder) company (if registering company activity is licensed)
  • State duty receipt


Step III Obtaining Individual identification number (IIN) for the Director (if required)


If the director is not a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he/she needs to obtain an IIN in order to be appointed to the position of the director. In order to obtain IIN it is required to submit the following documents to the tax authorities: a notarized, legalized (apostilled) passport of the person appointed to the position of the director (translated into Russian or Kazakh language) and the PoA to receive IIN. IIN certificate is provided within 15 business days from the date of submission of documents.


Step IV Filing for registration


After execution and collection of documents, indicated in section above (Step II), documents shall be submitted to the registration authority(NAO GK Government for Citizens).




When will the registration be completed?


Registration of the company will be completed from 2 to 10 business days after submission of the documents to the registration authority by including the company to the state database and issuing Business Identification Number (TIN) for the company.


How long does registration of the Company take?


In practice, the registration period takes approx. from 1 up to 2 months or more, depending on the efficiency of each person/company/state authority involved.


Who should sign the documents on behalf of the registered Company?


The following persons/company has right to sign the documents on behalf of the registered company: the HQ office of the company or representative acting on the basis of the PoA.


How should documents be certified?


Documents executed outside of Kazakhstan shall be signed, sealed with corporate seal (if applicable), notarized and legalized (apostilled). Documents executed in Kazakhstan i.e. applications, orders shall be signed and sealed with corporate seal. 



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