Macau - Gaming, Gambling & Licensing 2018.

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15 December, 2017


1. Types of Gaming

1.1 Types of Permitted Gaming
1.2 Types of Prohibited Gaming

2. Regulation of Gaming

2.1 Regulating Types of Permissable Gaming Activities
2.2 Enforcement of Prohibitions on Gaming Activities

3. Licensing of Operators

3.1 Licensing Standards 
3.2 Applying for a Gaming License
3.3 Disclosure Requirements 
3.4 Limits on the Number of Licenses 
3.5 Social Responsibility Requirements 
3.6 Licensing Requirements for Employees of Operators 
3.7 Restrictions are Placed Upon Each Type of License
3.8 The Term of Each Type of Gaming License
3.9 Right to Appeal

4. Operational Requirements

4.1 Types of Permitted Games
4.2 Establishing the Rules of the Games
4.3 Restrictions on Hours of Operations
4.4 Physical Requirements for Gaming Facilities
4.5 Limitations Upon the Advertising of Gaming Facilities
4.6 The Issuance of Credit
4.7 Exclusion of Certain Players

5. Monitoring and Enforcement

5.1 Record Keeping Requirements 
5.2 Filing Reports
5.3 Internal Controls and Procedures
5.4 Monitor Activities of Licensees
5.5 Imposition of Fines, Sanctions or Disciplinary Action 

6. Taxes and Fees

6.1 Taxes and Application, Issuance, Investigation or Other Fees 

7. Gaming Equipment

7.1 Gaming Equipment That Requires Approval
7.2 Process for Approving Gaming Equipment

8. Foreign Gaming

8.1 Requirement for Approval of Gaming Authorities

9. Political Activity

9.1 Restrictions on Political Activities or Contributions


10. Trends

10.1 Changes to Gaming Legislation or Regulations 

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