Litigation Partner Hire For Zaid Ibrahim & Co

Legal News & Analysis – Asia Pacific - Malaysia

2 March, 2016


Dato’ Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin has joined Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Dato’ Firoz has more than two decades of experience in diverse and complex civil litigation matters as well as  commercial disputes. He specializes in civil, corporate and commercial litigation and has extensive experience in constitutional and public law related issues; arguing them before the apex courts in the country. Dato’ Firoz has substantial advisory experience with both foreign and local clients from a multitude of industries, including banking and insurance.


Dato’ Firoz joins the litigation and dispute resolution practice  of a total of six litigation partners in Zaid Ibrahim & Co. and will be supported by a team of experienced litigation lawyers. The team with its extensive experience  and in-depth understanding of various sectors and industries will provide a full range of corporate, commercial and civil litigation services. Dato’ Firoz will also be actively involved in enhancing the regional Disputes Resolution and Arbitration practice of the ZICO Law network in the ASEAN region.