Litigation Funding For Copyright Disputes.

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10 July 2020

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Litigation Funding for Copyright Disputes

The advent of digital media distribution has made copyrights more valuable than ever. The internet, and the widespread consumption of rich media in particular, has fueled a massive market for content. The ability to cheaply reproduce and broadly disseminate content has increased access and profit margins. But the same ease of publishing and distribution has made it easier for copyright infringers to reproduce and distribute protected works without paying for the rights.

The accessibility of copyrighted works, the ubiquity of digital tools for reproduction and manipulation—and sometimes, increasingly, the blurred lines between parody, homage, pastiche and outright infringement—creates a difficult environment for copyright holders to protect their rights. Music, images, software, literature, can effortlessly be reproduced and sold, cutting out the author/artist. Newer digital tools have made detection of those infringing works easier, but the process of establishing infringement and damages in court remains an expensive and arduous task. Partnering with Woodsford can allow artists and authors to maintain control over their work and recover just compensation for its misuse by infringers.

You can read our whitepaper, Litigation Funding for Copyright Disputes below or you can download the PDF here.

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