How A White Collar Criminal Record Can Impact Your Entire Life And Career.

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17 January, 2020


To err is human. At some point in our lives, we all make mistakes. That mistake becomes a huge problem when it is recorded in law. Everyone has access to public law record to see if you have ever committed a crime. First of all, we shouldn’t let ourselves fall in the trap of temporary worldly gains that can sabotage our entire life. We think of violence when talking about a crime. No, it doesn’t always include physically hurting someone or using a weapon to commit a crime. There are also cyber and white collar crimes that cause a lot of damage to the person or organization at the receiving end. That’s why the law has elaborated punishment for every misdeed can that a man can do.


Some people think that they can commit a white collar crime, pay the fine or face punishment, and then again continue with their lives. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. The sentence that the court decides is just one part of the suffering. You have to handle the cruel world as well for the rest of your life.


There are many downsides to having a criminal record, even if it’s called a white collar. Whether you hurt someone physically or not, no one will ask you that. The conversation usually ends where they find you have been convicted of a crime. Here I’ve shared experiences of people with a record and how the world has changed for them. If you ever have any such thoughts or see someone going the wrong path, make sure the following consequences are considered before taking any actions.


You Lose Your Customers


Many businessmen have experienced that their customers left when they found out about the record. The customers who were with you even before that problem won’t be standing by your side later. As a businessman, you can’t afford to lose any customers. But in a situation where you can’t even retain old customers, you can’t expect to attract new ones. It isn’t limited to just one type of business. You are doomed if you are a trader or consultant, but even store owners have reported having faced discrimination because of their record.


Employers Don’t Prefer You


Running a business might be difficult for you with a record, but getting a job also isn’t any easier. It’s a widely known fact that most employers don’t want to hire a person with a criminal record. You may not have committed a felony, but white-collar crimes are considered worst in professional life. One can lose his mind in the heat of the moment and do something that he shouldn’t have. People understand this much. But a white collar crime is conducted with a clear and calm mind. They know that someone trusted you with a job, and you only broke his trust but also cost him a lot of money.


As a matter of fact, today’s companies have begun to give past felons a chance to restart their lives. They believe that they would be more thankful for the job and the opportunity. White collar crimes, on the other hand, aren’t considered a mistake but a part of one’s nature. If they can’t trust you with responsibility, why would they hire you and even pay for it?


People Don’t Do Business with You


A person charged with a white collar crime isn’t trusted in any matter that involves business or money. You can expect even the best of ideas to be rejected because no one would be willing to partner up with you. You may think that it’s only for small business, but no, even business tycoons convicted of such a crime were left alone in the industry. We all know the tough competition we have to beat in every market before we can stand on our feet. It becomes much fiercer and you become much weaker when no one is willing to support you.


For most people, it’s the end of their career once they are charged with such a crime. There is, however, one way to get around it. Make sure that no one learns about your record. Yes, it is public record but it can be removed from the government database. It’s the state’s way of providing you with another chance. You can contact Orange County Expungement Attorney to help you with it. The law in the US allows you to request for expungement in which your criminal conviction will be sealed from public record.

It is only applicable for those who were first time offenders. There will, however, be a proceeding first. You will have to hire a lawyer, and a judge will decide if you should be given this chance or not. It is recommended to get the help of a professional attorney who has specialized in such cases. It significantly increases the chances of your success.


You’re Not Trusted


The discrimination you face isn’t limited to just the professional world. It has a grave impact on your personal life. One of the biggest issues you will face is people’s changed behavior toward you. What hurts most is the distrust people show you. If a businessman or employer doesn’t believe he can count on you to run his company, it’s understandable. But people won’t rely on you even for small personal tasks. For example, no one will want you around their kids anymore. You’re not violent and they know it. But no one asks what crime you have committed. These people are no other than your own friends and family; that’s why it hurts the most. 


People Fear You


It’s only in the nature of humans to fear what is different from them. Though you are also a human being, you will see people scared of you. They believe you have broken the law once, and you might do it again. If you are to decide to hurt them, fear of law won’t stop you. This gets in the way of people trying to get their life back. It’s not hypocrisy; even in prison people with most violent crimes are feared. It takes a lot of time to make people believe that you are not dangerous and that what you did was a mistake. This is something one should carefully think before getting engaged in any criminal activity. You may be able to beat all the hardships of prison, but the fear and distrust on smiling faces aren’t easy to deal with.


You’re Considered Beneath Others


Though you might find this in the personality of many people even now, you can expect it from almost everyone when you get a record. People will look at you like you are the trash of this world. They consider themselves better than you. One can ignore a few people, but getting this vibe from everyone makes it impossible to tolerate. No one wants to feel bad about himself. Especially not the ones who are trying to turn around their life. But despite all the punishments and other losses you may have faced, this doesn’t really change.


Family is Ashamed of You


One might be able to fight off the whole world. One may even train himself not to care about what others say or do. But one just can’t stand against his own family. No matter what kind of crime you have done, your family will be ashamed of you. They might try to support you, but they are but humans. They will have to deal with criticism of the world just as much as you. This would not only hurt them but also make them feel bad about the root of the issue, that’s you. You will find it unbearable seeing your parents would have been better without you. Even a single word from them will break your heart. Even if they don’t say anything, their suffering would be apparent to you.


It’s Hard to be Loved


When people can’t stop fearing you and they don’t trust, how can they find themselves falling in love with you? Some people might find it an adventure to be in a relationship with you, but it won’t be a real relation. No one wants to see their soulmate in a criminal. Unless you find someone who has been through the same as you. But, even you would find it difficult to come to trust a person with a white-collar crime record.


World Expects the Worst in You


You make one mistake and people only see the negative side of you that may have died a long time ago. Many former felons have shared that people are always expecting something bad from them. And not just the bad, but worst. Even if someone trusts you by giving his money, he will be prepared for you to run away with it. Despite the opportunities you may get, you won’t see this habit of people going away easily. It will take a lot of time and sacrifice to prove that you are a good person. 



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